First 24 hours in Pompeii


“I’m so red…just give me some mozzarella and I’m a Caprese salad”
Alex Branch, 2018

Hi Everyone!
So we have now been in Pompeii for 24 hours and it is fair to say that we have faced a few challenges, but none the less, are really enjoying ourselves and cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings for us!

I have compiled a list of 5 things that have happened to us on our travels so far!

  1. So, for starters, it has rained pretty much the whole time that we have been here so far! And me, being the scatter brain that I am forgot to being a rain coat, so today we have been on a hunt for one. We are still finding our bearings and where we are in relation to key locations (i.e supermarkets, Pompeii’s ruins, train station and bus stops.) We did however find that there was a shopping mall a short taxi journey away, that also contained a supermarket where we could pick up necessities and basics, as our cupboards were completely bare (and I could buy a raincoat!)
    So, we spent around 3 hours in the shopping mall, looking round the different Italian clothes shops, visiting the supermarket and getting food! Overall, it was massively successful and we now have full cupboards, protection from the rain and full tummies!

  2. Our travels have been mainly successful! Getting to London was a massive success, with us all having a good karaoke in the car to Queen, Oasis and Courteeners (just to name a few!)
    No one got stopped in security and we all enjoyed a well earned drink and plate of chips in the airport. Boarding the flight was mainly successful- with the slight inconvenience of having to fit all of the things in out smaller bags into our suitcases!
    After being the last people to board the plane we finally sat down and got comfortable for the 3 hour flight that we had.
    *TIP: We learned that if you spilled red wine on yourself, if you clean it up with white wine it helps the stain!

    Our transport in Pompeii was difficult and we ended up having to have the owner of the Airbnb that we were staying in come and pick us up from a coffee shop as we had gotten pretty lost. Other than that everything went exactly to plan and we doing well with our traveling/commuting!

  3. The Pizza’s that we all enjoyed last night were amazing! After we checked in to our apartment we went for a walk round Pompeii and found a little pizzeria just across the road where we each had a pizza, at 2.50 euros each! I can quite possibly say that it was one of the best Pizza I think I have had.

    After shopping today we decided to have lunch at our apartment, where we had a selection of cheeses, meats and bread.

  4. I have learned that I am not very good at opening corked wine bottles…
    TIP: If the cork wont come out of a wine bottle, heat the neck of the bottle and it loosens the cork (Thank you Alex!)

  5. As a group, I feel that we have learned that we need to be slightly flexible with our plans. We intend on going to a church that is in the centre of Pompeii a little bit later on, that originally we planned on doing straight after doing our shopping. However, we were all really tired when we got back from the shopping and so after we ate and unpacked the shopping we have all just sat down to do some uni work and chill out a little bit before venturing out again a little bit later on.

Overall, our trip so far has been interesting, successful and we are all just settling into the Italian lifestyle we will be a part of for the next week!
Stay tuned for more blog posts about what we have been getting up to on our Pompeii adventure, and be sure to follow us on Instagram!



See you all next time!


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